01/07/09 Ratings


Welcome to today’s preview race.

You will find today’s shortened version of the race and ratings by clicking here.

The first example of this blog was always going to be hard, but I haven’t handpicked the race to suit, that’s for later!

A few notes first, I will refer to things like the bias and avg rating so it may be best to familiarise yourself with that part of the ratings. This is also not a tipping service, what I offer is ratings, systems associated to the ratings and horse racing stats associated to the horse, trainer or jockey. All the stats are as up to date as one can get, and extremely useful, more so that they are easy to view and recognise when a good stat is in front of your eyes.

Today’s example race is the 9:10pm Chepstow.

A 16 runner handicap to start things off is not going to be the easiest, but I think we may have two possible lays, admitledy not short ones or ones that fall into my odds cut off but they may well do so.

The lays in question are Miss Firefly & Tadul, both trading on the lay side at 18.00. I know a few of you will think that’s its not hard to pick two potential losers at those prices, and I agree, but unless you do so with great success and therefore a high strike rate then it is not an avenue most go down. The laying systems I operate from the ratings have cut off odds and these two are what I refer to as my own “buffer zone”, simply put for the respected system I have certain odds cut offs, generally around 14.00. These are obviously above my cut off but I will endeavour to get them laid, at present my lays are in at 13.5 but if they are not matched before the off and 18.00 is available I will lay them, if not I will let them go.

Why I am laying them is simple, they are both from strong profitable laying systems in a race with a strong enough bias to suggest that laying is the best policy for this race, and since there are no other system bets it is logical to just get them both laid and move on to the next race.

Lay Selections: MISS FIREFLY & TADUL


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