02/07/09 Ratings


Today we have the second example of the ratings, I best say now that I will be doing this for the next 14 or so days and detailing an example of how to use them regarding that race.

The examples may be back bets, lay bets or just races to avoid, I will do my best to detail why I am backing, laying or avoiding the race.

I will admit beforehand that these are not all random picks of the ratings, some days a clear stand out bet will be available, or a race that looks too hard to obtain full confidence about will be amongst them.

I will also try and keep them short and to the point but I apologise beforehand if I ramble like yesterday, I am not a tipster nor is this a tipping service, it may appear like one with these example ratings going on here in the shape of a tip, but that’s mainly so people understand I am either backing, laying or avoiding that race. If you want to follow these as tips then that’s your own choosing, but hopefully it will convince you that ratings are a good source of narrowing down a field, highlighting back bets or lays, and seeking “value” based on the ratingS.

Please click here for todays example race.

Today’s example race is the 6:30pm Newbury.

This looks a good betting race indicated by the negative “Avg Rating” and confirmed by the “Bias A”.

Well clear on ratings and a trainer bang in form, also a system pick albeit a system that hit the woodwork 7 out of 10 in May.

This clear top rated looks the one to beat and with no other system back bets or lays it looks a simple choice of backing Arab League to win.



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