16/07/09 Ratings

Today’s preview.

You can find today’s shortened version of the race and ratings by clicking here.

Today’s example race is the 8:25pm Bath.

At first glance it looks a tricky race, however I think the ratings have narrowed down the field to four possible winners, cutting the field in half.

Both biases agree that this is indeed a tricky race, but I am happy to get involved in both backing and laying in the win market due to some strong stats and system bets.

The top two look good to me according to the ratings both well clear of the third and fourth rated, the fourth rated is currently trading around 5.00 and has come up as a lay on one of the systems and since this is a strong bias race I am happy to lay it, the other lay that is highlighted by the systems is Party Palace, again I am happy to lay it at around 8.8 in this strong bias race.

Now that the liabilities are mounting up I need to decide whether to get involved on the top two or just leave this as a laying race, but as I have previously mentioned sometimes an opportunity arises that has to be taken, even if after the result you are wrong!

I follow the gd40 system practically blindly depending on how many they are in a race, today there is only one in this example, so the fact it is also highlighted as “value” suggests to me this is one of those opportunities.

At the prices I must admit to been tempted to dutch my bet with the second rated but since I have laid two others in the race, I believe that my liabilities cannot be justified, which hopefully by now you will realise that is what this game is about. If however you are not a layer, then dutching them in my opinion is the sensible option.

Win Selection: BRAVE BUGSY



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