26/07/09 Ratings

Today’s preview.

You can find today’s race and ratings by clicking here.

I have included two examples today because I wanted to show that even odds on shots can represent value.

Today’s example race is the 3:35pm Carlisle.

This looks a good opportunity for the clear top rated, a weak bias A and the average of bias B indicates only one potential winner.

The jockey has ridden a winner at the course, which compared to the other jockeys is quite important in a race of this nature.

The trainer has a good course record and is considered the best trainer in the race.

The horse is also a “value bet” selection which is highlighted by the “value” in column BQ. Not to mention other system bets too.

We also have the opportunity to lay in this race, however I am only going to back this top rated due to the weakness of the biases.


Today’s example race is the 4:00pm Ascot.

A small field and one that is dominated by the clear top rated, the bias in relation to the top rated makes this an ok race to back in.

The biases also indicate only one horse has the potential to win the race.

The previous form and master rating are both in blue indicating the horse horse strong form, opposed to the red previous form of the three rivals.

The trainer is bang in form, and the jockey is a significant rider at the course.

The horse is also a “value bet” as indicated by the “value” in column BQ, I have priced this horse up at 1.25 and is available at 1.8.

WIN Selection: SHAMALI


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