Exotic Bets

Forecast, reverse forecasts, tricasts and exotic bets.

It can be quite rewarding to have these type of bets, I do so regularly but the key to them is in the staking. Without going into too much detail, you do need correct staking throughout all your betting activities, it is one of the main reasons why people do not make their betting pay.

To determine your stake for a forecast or tricast bet, you will need to work out your main betting bank, and stakes for your single bets, once you have determined your min and max stake for single bets, then you can work out your stake for a forecast or tricast bet, this can also be used for any type of exotic bet.

I will do a separate post on staking in a few weeks, which will go into greater detail.

When using the ratings to pick an exotic bet like a tricast, you need to focus on races whereby the top 3 in the ratings have a clear edge over the remaining horses.

A good example would be the 2:50 Stratford on the 5th September 2009, whereby the top 3 looked the clear pick for a tricast and/or a reverse forecast bet.

Please see the race in question and ratings by clicking here.

For starters it was a weak race, which was indicated by the amount of negative rated runners; in this instance 8 are rated negative, which was 50% of the field, so we have already cut the field in half!

So concentrating on the remaining 8 runners, you only have 3 with a rating over 38 and again the same 3 have a rating over the average of bias B, which is indicating these are the 3 to concentrate on.

A quick glance to the “Ratings +” shows that these 3 have about the same amount of positive attributes and a quick look at the trainers form suggests that these 3 horses are also trained by 3 trainers who are having more winners and/or placed horses than any other trainer in the race.

The winning tricast paid £499.71, there have been a few of these of late.

W also just missed out on 2 bumper payouts, the ratings had highlighted 2 other races whereby we hit the forecasts but our tricast leg came home 4th each time and one by short margin which could have won many thousands due to the respected SP’s.


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