Top Rated Winners

Top Rated Winners so far this month.

Top Rated Horse Odds
Gifted Apakay 26
Anne Of Kiev 13
Corredor Sun 9.6
Plush 9.4
Its A Classic 9
Plaisir DEstruval 8.2
Tasheba 8.2
Colbert Station 8
Ask Jenny 7.5
Classic Chic 7.2
Turbo Island 6.5
New Christmas 6
Arteus 5.9
Strategic Approach 5.8
Harting Hill 5.5
Lisahane Bog 5.5
Iron Out 5.5
Noun De La Thinte 5.5
Vito Volterra 5
My Shamwari 4.8
Clear Sailing 4.3
Bakbenscher 4.2
Royal Charm 4
Oddshoes 3.75
Resentful Angel 3.75
Our Vic 3.75
Italian Tom 3.75
Diamond Blade 3.75
Seven Is My Number 3.5
Magnanimity 3.5
Telenor 3.5
Doctor Zhivago 3.5
Pan American 3.5
Inflammable 3.25
Spinning Bailiwick 3.25
Desert Vision 3.25
Bubbly Braveheart 3.15
Admiral Cochrane 2.96
Silver Kate 2.87
Rougham 2.86
Edge of Town 2.81
Quinte du Chatelet 2.54
Kilshannig 2.5
Skippers Brig 2.5
Master Of The Hall 2.44
Ghufa 2.25
Bay Cherry 2
Hugo De Vindecy 2
Final Day 1.99
Lady Of Akita 1.96
Hectors House 1.84
Blue Lyric 1.83
Recif De Thaix 1.82
Bedlam Boy 1.74
Mobaasher 1.73
Hidden Glory 1.69
Alegralil 1.56
Osana 1.46
Dunguib 1.38
Knockara Beau 1.25

5 thoughts on “Top Rated Winners

  1. I am looking for a professional horse racing ratings service and can’t make up my mind i have tried others and lost but have been recommended by one of your members, so is it possible to get some type of trial?

    I would be happy with a 60% success rate i like to lay horses on Betfair but have never been able to profit from laying in the place markets.

  2. Stumbled across your post while searching through google. I read the beginning and its fantastic!

    the laying to a place is a awesome system for laying on the betting exchanges.

  3. I am now laying with great confidence. mixing up lays in both win and place betting markets 🙂

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