168 TOP RATED WINNERS in 15 days!!!

We are enjoying a very profitable year so far with the horse racing ratings and that was before we smashed in 168 winners at avg winning odds of 7/2 for the first 15 days of August!!!

Sounds impressive? well for £20 a month we are not only one of the cheapest ratings, stats and systems providers around we are also the most profitable and accurate there is!

All our horse racing ratings are proofed to both the Secret Betting Club & UK-Betting-Tips.

Top Rated Winners

Palm Ridge Dance On By Sir Frank Rokinhorsescience Cheatingsideoftown Miami Gator Salesin Ainama Hanakiyya Rock Critic Rock Me Quell The Storm Chelsea Morning Native Picture Be Invincible Lava Lamp Eijaaz Ellies Image Island Oscar Sea Wall Earls Quarter Pisco Sour Amenable Ahlaain Sky Falcon Mufti Clare Glen Titus Two Broughtons Point Raktiman Purple Gallery Gee Major Fire King Dashing Doc Dungannon Diamond Charlie Saborido Uphold Alexander Pope Profound Beauty Amber Grey Take Flight Drift And Dream Mount Helicon City Hustler Carrigmartin Desperate Dan Maryolini Dutiful Reckless Reward Loyal Royal Never Can Tell Fujin Dancer Arctic Feeling Arriva La Diva Biondetti Hazeymm Great Mates The Jigsaw Man Barnhill Brownie Prohibit Bernie The Bolt Gramercy River Falcon Rios Girl Dingle View Rio Cobolo Streets Of Gold Another Try La Fortunata Maggie Mey Sunnyside Tom Viking Warrior Spin Fame And Glory Star Wood Turner Brown Uncommited Najoum Urban Space Ellbeedee Regal Obligation Beau Michael Boogie Waltzer Askaud Lost In The Moment Sadafiya Whispering Spirit Mabuya King Of Reason Rockweiller Millyluvstobouggie Theres No Panic Classic Swain Papradon Chilly Filly Forjatt Rock Ace Divertimenti Menadati Mey Blossom Master Nimbus Treasure Beach Sunnyside Tom Medici Pearl Big Issue Tagula Night Wood Fair Kathleen Frances Caranbola Keenes Day Bute Street Woodcote Place Fork Lightning Micky P Winters Night Jameela Girl Mirror Lake Why Collingwood Endless Expanse Truth Seeking Catalyze Barq Lodgician Wikaala Cybersnow Without The Bop Apt Manor Ceoil An Aith Ragsah Saamidd Foxhaven Desert Poppy Red Intrigue Gross Prophet Diamond Penny Rash Judgement Oh So Saucy Perfect Silence Gracies Games Dusty Trail Sea Salt Ardent Blue Bunting Smarty Socks Josrs Magic Sharnberry Anjomarba Titus Gent Russian George Janood Dafeef Magicalmysterytour Pelmanism OBella Ballerina Isabellareine Fammi Sognare Prince Chaparral The Fonze Decoy Daddy First Fandango Buaiteoir Lexis Hero Cannon Fire Khorun King High Bachelor Affair

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