March Top Rated Winners

March Top Rated Winners

Another excellent month for the ratings, whereby we produced 175 top rated winners at a strike rate of 24% with average winning SP odds of 3.69 for the month.

We also had a top rated winner at 50/1 SP! This was also highlighted by a backing system along with 34 select backing system bets winning in March!

The Cheltenham festival was a huge success, we started the meeting off with a 10/1 top rated winner and a £603 trifecta in the correct order of the ratings! We then had the favourite Medermit 3.75 as a win lay beat in the next race! Carols Legacy was a select system bet and narrowly got beat into second at 9/1, Peddlers Cross produced a brave effort at 9/2 for another narrow second along with Garde Champetre at 5/1 in the Cross Country Handicap Chase. Quevega landed some hefty bets having been a select backing system bet at 5/6, we then had a gamble on Definity at 8/1 > 3/1 go astray however our top five rated horses produced the first three home!

We had another great start on day two of the Cheltenham festival, with the top rated winner Chicago Grey winning at 5/1 and the top four rated been the first four home producing a staggering £1257 trifecta! We then got Oscars Well beat at 4/1 for a win lay on the laying systems, albeit fortunate in my eye, this race again produced a winning £221 trifecta with the top four rated horses.

Day three again saw us again off to a flyer with a win with the top rated Noble Prince 4/1 in the first race, while also having a win lay bet on the favourite Wishfull Thinking getting beat at 7/2! We had three win lays in the Ryanair Chase which equated to an 11/4 shot getting beat, and then we had another top rated select backing system bet in the shape of Big Bucks winning at 10/11. Our double top rated bet in the FULKE WALWYN KIM MUIR CHALLENGE CUP was one of the major gambles landed at the Cheltenham festival winning by 24 lengths at SP odds of 100/30.

The final day of the festival saw the horse racing ratings bag more profits by getting four horses beat in the Vincent OBrien County Handicap Hurdle which equated to odds of 6/4! We then landed another gamble with our select backing system bet winning and been another heavily gambled on winner for the top rated, having been as big as 7/2 before obliging at SP odds of 15/8! This was another instance of the confidence behind the horse racing ratings and betting systems! The totesport Cheltenham Gold Cup Chase was another race that went the way of our top rated with Long Run winning at 7/2. Our top four horses in the Christies Foxhunter Chase Challenge Cup all deserved to be looked at due to them been “horses to note” (this is a great feature of the ratings and produces many winners!) they produced the winner Zemsky at 33/1 which returned at 85’s on Betfair. The “horses to note” feature wasn’t finished, it produced the winner of the final race at the festival in the Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Chase Challenge Cup at 40/1 with a Betfair sp of 61! This rounded up an excellent Cheltenham festival for the members of Advanced Ratings…Roll on the Grand National Aintree meeting which starts in just under a weeks’ time.

March Top Rated Winners

Gulf Of Aqaba 51.00
Ponmeoath 15
Smokey Joe Joe 15
Fine Parchment 13
Get In There 13
Jump Up 12.00
Al Ferof 11
Mardood 10
Rio Cobolo 9
Absolute Shambles 7.5
Madame Jasmine 7
Matmata De Tendron 6.5
Copperwood 6.5
Mauricetheathlete 6
Decision 6
Chicago Grey 6
Maizy Missile 6
I Have Dreamed 6
Elzahann 6
Tweedledrum 6
Broughtons Paradis 6
Pelmanism 5.50
My Shamwari 5.5
Snowflake Dancer 5.5
Catch Bob 5.5
Yankee Storm 5.5
Bagber 5
Trans Sonic 5
Noble Prince 5
Shelagh 5
Trendelenburg 5
Baileys Agincourt 5
Long Run 4.5
Baharat 4.5
Pere Blanc 4.5
You Know Yourself 4.5
Captain Paulie 4.5
Shes Humble 4.5
Junior 4.33
Quartz de Thaix 4
Ambion Wood 4
Bountiful Guest 4
Arnold Layne 4
The Big Haerth 4
Palm Pilot 4
Ivory Silk 3.75
Rawaaj 3.75
Laustra Bad 3.75
Bai Zhu 3.75
Kaituna 3.75
Pie At Midnight 3.50
Better Self 3.5
Oca De Thaix 3.5
Soul Angel 3.5
Blackmore 3.5
Rith Bob 3.5
Take Your Partner 3.5
Maurisca 3.5
Mr Pernickety 3.5
Dibella 3.5
Sun Tzu 3.5
Bygones Sovereign 3.5
Dansilver 3.5
Baily Green 3.5
Cobo Bay 3.25
Uncle Junior 3.25
Pelmanism 3.25
Prince des Marais 3.25
Straboe 3.25
Fanditha 3.25
Nideeb 3.25
De Welsh Wizzard 3.25
Havingotascoobydo 3.25
John Potts 3
Sparking 3
Theophrastus 3
Jacks Revenge 2.88
Hectors Choice 2.88
Atherstone Hill 2.88
Go Maggie Go 2.88
Bobs Worth 2.88
Current Event 2.88
Sand Owl 2.88
Double Mead 2.88
Lewyn 2.8
Lady Bluesky 2.74
Swingkeel 2.74
Mister Pete 2.74
Stonemaster 2.74
Malice Or Mischief 2.74
Abstract Art 2.74
Make A Track 2.74
Kidlat 2.68
Delightfully 2.68
Shuil Royale 2.68
Musawama 2.68
Sertao 2.50
Shirley Casper 2.5
Twin Soul 2.5
Good Egg 2.5
Coppers Gold 2.5
Oca De Thaix 2.5
Super Directa 2.38
Fantasy Fry 2.38
Quotica De Poyans 2.38
Glorious Feeling 2.38
Irish Jugger 2.38
Roudoudou Ville 2.38
Ana Emarati 2.38
Sizing India 2.38
Strong Vigilance 2.38
Jackson Cage 2.24
Edgeworth 2.24
Quotica De Poyans 2.24
Sweet Irony 2.24
Barrow Island 2.24
Dunboyne Express 2.24
Whizzaar 2.2
Alla Svelta 2.2
Protractor 2.2
A Little Bit Dusty 2.10
Double Mead 2.1
Hidden Keel 2.1
Penelope Pips 2.1
Steeles Rock 2
She Aint A Saint 2
Mister Chancer 2
Sweet Origin 2
Joe Le Taxi 2
Ours 1.90
Bosambo 1.90
Big Bucks 1.9
Hildisvini 1.9
Kingscroft 1.9
Quevega 1.83
Rupert Lamb 1.83
Deauville Post 1.83
Lord Avon 1.8
Wyse Hill Teabags 1.72
Fahrisee 1.72
Stoneacre Gareth 1.66
Louis Pasteur 1.66
Tiptoeaway 1.66
Balerina 1.66
Bestwecan 1.66
Over The Phone 1.66
Boston Bob 1.66
Flinty Bay 1.61
Take Your Partner 1.61
Lambro 1.57
The Knoxs 1.57
Popcorn 1.57
Dorothys Dancing 1.53
Bears Affair 1.53
Sofias Number One 1.5
Failasoof 1.5
Paint The Clouds 1.5
Balthazar King 1.5
Arbeo 1.44
Desert Shine 1.44
Retainer 1.44
A Bridge Too Far 1.4
Red Merlin 1.4
Palawi 1.33
Cork All Star 1.33
Choral 1.33
Galaxy Rock 1.30
Covert Decree 1.30
La Estrella 1.3
Araldur 1.3
Sircozy 1.22
School For Scandal 1.2
Bold Addition 1.18
Qozak 1.15
Wiqaaya 1.07

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