200 LSP on Top Rated

Getting level stakes profits from horse racing ratings has been challenging, many fail, many renowned horse racing advisory services, which include horse racing tipsters, betting systems and horse racing gambling syndications struggle, so to achieve this feat from a ratings service speaks volumes about the accuracy of our unique horse racing ratings and handicapping of race horses, considering we rate every horse in every horse race in the UK & Ireland.

Advanced ratings has met this challenge and succeeded, we constantly deliver profits for our clients.

So far this year we have accumulated over £200 level stakes profits from our top rated.

The main reasons is the accuracy of the ratings contributed to the fact we can rate horses with lower  betting odds as simply not good enough, therefore rating horses with bigger betting odds as the best horse in the race and still maintaining a strike rate of 26% which is highly significant in sustaining profits from your betting. Our place strike rate on the top rated is a staggering 52% and would add another £50 to your betting account.

To further demonstrate the strength of the ratings, we can look at the top two and top three rated horses, again this shows profits by backing them.

Value betting on horse racing is paramount for success and with Advanced Ratings you get to know what the “true value betting odds” are.

Only this previous Saturday we had a 12/1 value bet winner that was over 100pts clear of the next best rated. Also on our unique positive and negative indicator it came out top with an above average score for positives and a significant score for negative attributes, which helps you narrow down your bets and time studying race cards.

And to finish off our select backing systems have achieved strike rates of 60% & 75% the latter with a 90% place strike rate. Their respected return on investments is 35% and 58%…

If you require and information on this horse racing ratings, betting systems and statistics service then please contact us.

Thank you.


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