Betting Systems Profits £1110 LSP

Betting Systems Profits

Above you will find the profits for each backing system for 2012.

They include the respected profits, strike rate and bank increase per system.

As you can see from our top performing horse racing betting system T25+ this has increased its betting bank by 644% with a return of £386 to a £1 level stake bet.

The total profits for 2012 if backing each backing system to a £1 level stake is over £1100!

The betting systems range from daily backing systems to selective backing systems and you get a full breakdown of each systems performance.

If you wanted to narrow down your bets from one of our horse racing systems then you can with our systems summary spreadsheet that each member receives upon membership. You may want to make a system more selective or you may just want to back national hunt horse races, the systems summary spreadsheet gives you the figures for every system.

This is also a good way of utilising a system to your own betting needs and making the system your own personal betting system!

Each system is highlighted on the daily ratings spreadsheet and comes with a recommended betting bank and as you can see above we have very healthy strike rates.

If you require any more info on the systems or ratings then please feel to contact us.


One thought on “Betting Systems Profits £1110 LSP

  1. My my Mathew i love the systems i integrated them to my bot and it works wonders!
    I like what I see so now i am following your value bets too.
    Look forward to checking out the profits.
    many thanks

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