Value Betting

Value bet winners

The horse racing ratings come with its own value betting odds section, the value odds are produced from the ratings and can also be adjusted to suit.

We have had six value bets that have won in the past two days.

Cross Of Honour 15/8, Savant Bleu 100/30, Mischievous Milly 7/1, Brocklebank 5/1, Spitz 14/1 & Wild Ground 20/1.

As you can see from those starting price betting odds the value bets are extremely profitable and that’s just in two days!

To determine a value betting opportunity you require accurate horse racing ratings, which we have here at Advanced Ratings.

Many horse racing gamblers try and find value bets but fail and fall into a bad pattern and think a value bet should be a big price! That is incorrect; a value bet is a betting opportunity on a race horse whereby you believe the betting odds available are greater than the chance of the horse winning.

If you want to take value betting seriously and profit from betting on horse races and become a professional gambler, then why not come and try these profitable horse racing ratings.



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