Massive DISCOUNT to both our horse racing services!

To celebrate our great start to the year and the amazing day we have had with an amazing 17771/1 8 timer!

We are going to start our Cheltenham Festival trial early!

With a double bonus!

The first is that it’s a 6 week trial compared to a 2 week trial.

The second is that we are offering a massive DISCOUNT to both our services!

We operate a ratings service that comes complete with profitable betting systems and is jam packed with stats. It is extremely easy to use and makes picking winners much easier than any other internet or paper service!

We constantly outperform the racingpost and timeform!

Our other service is a tipping service based on the ratings, these are bets I personally back myself.

I have successfully backed horses professionally for a living for over 12 years. The tips are back bets only and have made serious profits backing at average odds of over 9/1. It is not uncommon to have winners at 40/1.

2012 produced over 400 level stakes profit and 2013 when we changed to a 1-5pt scale bet we upped our profit to just over 700pts. Our strike rate is around 20% and because of the odds we back at (average odds 9/1), this gives us a great edge over the bookmakers.

Do not fret if you are looking for a high strike rate service! If you backed just our selective bets you would have increased your strike rate to over 37%

The 6 week trial costs just £25 and the DISCOUNT is for the life of your membership!

2014 Subscription rates

Ratings, systems & stats Subscriptions

Monthly = £60 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £40

3 Months = £150 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £100

6 Months = £225 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £150

12 Months = £310 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £210

Platinum Subscriptions (Ratings, systems & stats PLUS the Private Betting Club Tipping Service)

Monthly = £99 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £69

3 Months = £259 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £159

6 Months = £399 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £249

12 Months = £599 – DISCOUNTED PRICE = £299

So for example if you wanted to subscribe to the monthly platinum service it would cost £25 for the first 6 weeks and then £69 per month thereafter.

If any of these discounted prices appeal to you then please let me know which one you would like to subscribe too so you do not miss out on any days racing.

Thank you for your time.


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