National Hunt Trends – December

National Hunt Trends


We really get cracking on with the National Hunt proper in December and below you will find some trainers to keep the right side of during the month of November.

Handicap Hurdles

Tom Symonds, Ian Williams, Gordon Elliott, P J Hobbs, K Bishop, N G Richards & J Scott  are the top trainers to look out for in handicap hurdles during December. Each horse racing trainer produces a level stakes profit while retaining respectable strike rates.

P Hobbs & Gordon Elliott both produces healthy profits with high strike rates. N G Richards has a respectable level stakes profit but a lower win strike rate, however the trainer has been consistent with over 70% of his horses reaching the frame.

On the negative side of things 2 trainers to avoid are Paul Nicholls & G L Moore , they both really struggle with winners and are constantly over bet in this sphere.

Handicap Chases

D McCain, J M Jefferson, C E Longsdon, Robert Tyner, P F Nicholls & G L Moore  are the top trainers to look out for during December. They all produce decent profits from their respected runners while maintaining good strike rates.

On the negative side there are a few trainers which do not come up to scratch in handicap chases, the likes of H D Daly, Gordon Elliott, C L Tizzard, Mrs S J Smith, D E Pipe,  P J Hobbs , N J Henderson, they all have low strike rates and can be taken on.

Favourites have a below average strike rate in handicap chases and for those betting exchange layers out there you might want to look into the stats further.



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