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About Advanced Ratings

Advanced Ratings

I have handicapped horses for over 10yrs but this method of rating horse races, has benefitted me tremendously since early 2000. I have spent over 10yrs in the horse racing industry but for the past six years I have relied upon trading, backing and laying on the Betfair betting exchange and this still remains my main income.

I use my ratings to either back, lay or trade on the betting exchanges, along with the many other features that are associated with the excel betting sheet.

Having run the Horse Racing Ratings for free during 2008, it became clear that the ratings were of great use to other punters and traders. I personally have used this method of producing horse racing ratings since early 2000 and therefore have a great understanding of the mechanics behind the final rating. I have used this to help people better their betting and trading on horse racing, in hope that they will enjoy the sport more, while profiting from it.

After  I decided to make the ratings public in early 2008, the feedback to the horse racing ratings has helped in the development of our excel betting sheet, which includes many horse racing features to help the novice or professional betting punter.

Our main feature is our unique horse racing rating, which alongside other great betting features helps make the excel betting sheet a powerful betting tool amongst many successful backers and layers.

The ratings have many successful betting systems and methods associated to the ratings and betting features, and are a great alternative to doing your own hard work. I have implemented systems for members of Advanced Ratings and the depth of the systems covers all betting angles.

If you are a backer then using the ratings will help in your pursuit of betting for a profit, if you are only a novice at horse racing betting then again the ratings and everything associated with them is very easy to use and I am always available to help with your needs.

The ratings also help pinpoint weak market leaders and if you want to lay horses on the betting exchanges then either the ratings or systems will be of great use to you.

Each day you receive an email with an excel spreadsheet, this comprises of our unique ratings, horse racing statistics and plenty of horse racing systems  in the form of a excel spreadsheet racecard, do not worry if you do not have excel, you can download an excel viewer in a few clicks by clicking here.

Thanks for your time.


8 thoughts on “About Advanced Ratings

  1. Hi GR

    you can just leave a message in the contact us part of the website. I can then forward the details on to you. Hope that helps.

  2. You allows me to bet on horses from the relaxation of my own home. Your ratings are fantastico. The Good thing is that I’ve had good lucky recently and I made some cash on during last few months.

  3. Hi Matthew, the horse racing ratings are actually the best on the net. Many years I used racingpost but I do not use that any more. I agree with your conclusions on the betting systems and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming system updates.

    Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the profits I have made this last year, keep up the great work!

    All the best


  4. hi i want to say thanks for the ratings n systems i email u 2 say thanks for horse racing ratings system very greatful cheers and thanks

  5. this is my first time telling a horse racing websire that they are ggod! the imfo about horse racing ratings and stats is awsum! cheers and thanks Ed

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