Horse Racing Ratings, Betting Systems & Stats

Professional horse racing ratings for horse racing punters.

These accurate profitable horse racing ratings are published for each race every day of the racing week in the format of a race card.

These are the only horse racing ratings provider that continues to provide a level stakes profit on the top rated horse, that’s every race!

Since 2012 our horse racing betting systems have produced over £1700 profit from a £1 level stake bet!

We provide more horse racing stats then any other ratings provider!

The advanced ratings are provided in an excel sheet which contains many horse racing stats to complement the ratings and help you improve your betting.

The ratings also come complete with successful profitable betting systems, accurate horse racing statistics, form ratings, notebook horses to follow and an indicator to which horse ran in a good form race last time out, plus many other features to make your betting pay!

Our unique horse racing ratings pin point weak favourites and value bets. Value betting is an important role in making a living from horse races, you will not come across a successful professional gambler who does not use and understand the importance of value betting.

The betting systems cover both backing and laying horses on the betting exchange, along with the available bookmaker and betting exchange odds for each horse.

Please take your time to review the horse racing ratings and the horse racing blog.

The horse racing blog has all the updates on the horse racing ratings, betting systems and features. It highlights all the top rated winners and gives you an insight into this profitable betting tool.

For an example of the daily race card spreadsheet we email each day then please click on the link to download an example of the horse ratings.

We provide accurate value betting odds for each race horse in the race based on our unique rating, you can easily compare those value prices with the bookmakers & betting exchange prices with ease, because they are just in the next column!

Learn how professional gamblers like myself create over rounds, compare value bets & know when a horse has its optimum conditions, and when to step in and have a back bet or lay a horse.

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