Below are extracts from members emails and comments. Please excuse their colourful language.

I am loving these VALUE BETS ive hit 2  X 50/1 shots in last 5 days!! Cheers.

Youre a genius!!!!

keep up the good work

Another amazing day for laying yesterday no need to use any other site now. ty

again the AW wins the day.

How the hell do u get a 1.21 fav beat?? brilliant work m8

Ratings are awesum & the added info is top.. sod racingpost 😉

Just like to say again the ratings are top notch I think 2 weeks of laying  and just over 2k to the good its liking taking candy off a baby

Congrats on another great day Matthew

Wow, you have taught me how to prosper from betting

You are a gem

TBH i am rather exited at the fact of using these ratings to form a great overview of a race

Been following your ratings and seem very good, why so cheap?

absolutely fantastic you are a guru great from one of the best italian gambler

Wow, what a start…100%!!!

6 months of pure pleasure jolly good show again

Very promising cheers

due to positive reports, I would be grateful if you could email me your daily ratings

Your ratings look very interesting and will certainly figure in my selection process to some degree or other

ive been reccomended to your site as a good ratings source.

very helpful thanks

great ratings again today at Southwell

was bloody amazed again how do you do it??????

I hated aw racing now I love it top guy keep it up

seems to be very effective on the allweather

looking forward to having a good punt over the next few weeks

i have found your ratings very interesting and can realise the potential value of backing and laying selections

fantastic tool for laying keep on picking up cash

Please add me to your ratings service. This looks like a very useful addition to my portfolio. Many thanks

These are a laying machine!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

a worshipper of your site, I bow 2 u 6 out 7 n 7 out 8, tell me how u do it

lots of profit again

I nearly backed the fav in the last until I got your ratings, phew I swerved one there no more punting until I get em now

Loving the new layout and added info

I got 55 one BF and was counting my cash all night

Matthew I have never won so consistently I’m a confident gambler now

7 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Matthew,

    I have sent many email thanking you for such a great service but i thought it was about time i added to your testimonials too. The ratings and stats are fab! I am making huge profits and i have never made money like this off horse racing in over 20yrs!
    Many many thanks Peter

  2. Hello Matthew,
    I completed the 14day trial and have since taken up the monthly subs. I want to congratulate you on the clean sweeps you have had in my time with you, i like to do acca’s and placepots and i find the ratings amazing, to go through a card once is amazing but to do it 4 times in the space of a week has increased my bank over 10 fold 🙂

    i cannot praise you enough and want to extend my subs from the monthly to yearly, is that poss?



  3. Thanks for a great year mate, reslly has been my best ever punting year!

    have a merry christmas and a great new year

    keep up the good work!

  4. I think you deserve a pat on the back for your ratings, having a great year betting on the systems & ratings! keep it up

  5. Hi, when I joined, i did think wow there a lot of data to get to grips with but after 6 weeks and from the help u gave me in the docs and on skype i am now making good money from the ratings & value bets/systems. I think i have a good idea of how to lay horses and understand the ability of looking for value and seeing decent bets better.


  6. thanks for the good times! im doing real well with the ratings looking forward to cheltenham festival winners

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